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Parts and accessories

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    • Ultra-High Performance Radials  Handling and stability are improved by optimized stiffness of both front and rear tires 
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  • Provides confidence in riding even in adverse conditions such as rain or changing road surfaces. The wet performance of the SPORT TOURING T31 has been greatly improved. 

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  • Sport Touring Tyre

    Battlax BT-45 is a sports & touring type tyre offered in both H and V speed ratings. Battlax BT-45 gives all round street performance

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  • Bridgestone Battlax BT-45 tires are designed with riders in mind. With handling, all weather control and comfort all addressed,

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  • Dual compound tyres designed primarily for Japanese cruisers, to provide performance in the corners while maintaining long distance stability, riding comfort and superb controllability.

    Optimsed for comfort, milage & saftey.

    The latest pattern design and proven technology are used so sophisticated cruisers can show excellent inherent performances.

    Optimum crown pattern/structure for cruisers is used. Excellent straight-line stability and controllability are achieved even when riding a heavy vehicle with tandem.

    Optimum compound and structure/pattern design for cruisers are used. Excellent dry and wet grip performances, as well as long wear life, have been achieved.

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